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As a young man travelling around the world, founder Gustav Langenscheidt (1832-1895) discovered just how important language is to reach a common understanding. For quite some time now Langenscheidt has been serving language enthusiasts and language learners who need or want to get to grips with a new language intensively.

In a continuously changing world with a linguistic usage that is constantly evolving, dictionaries are in more demand now than ever before. This makes it even more difficult for learners to find their way in foreign languages. The free online dictionaries from Langenscheidt help to curb the confusion and to impart a good understanding of the particularities of the respective foreign language.

Free online dictionary from Langenscheidt

Linguistic networking has become essential in this globalised world. Langenscheidt offers over 24 dictionaries online in various languages to break down barriers and to help those interested in languages to build up and deepen their language knowledge. For example, the German-English dictionary (https://en.langenscheidt.com/german-english/) helps thousands of users on a daily basis, for homework, for work or for pleasure. Expanding vocabulary is not the only important thing here.

The Langenscheidt dictionaries, whether online or print editions, win users over with their versatile service. The works are not intended as concise dictionaries of the most current words, but aim to give an insight into phonetics, grammar, syntax and everyday language. For example, the word “moon” comes with a series of example sentences, including advanced native phrases such as ‘to shoot the moon’ (see https://en.langenscheidt.com/english-german/moon), which help not only to understand but also to master everyday forms of use.

Contents of the Langenscheidt online dictionaries

The Langenscheidt online dictionaries provide the same content that is included in the print dictionary. As well as this, the majority of digital versions also include other features, such as:

  • A word’s sound
  • Links to suitable synonyms
  • Example sentences

Another plus is that the content is up-to-date. The online dictionaries can and are expanded and updated by experts on a regular basis and can be viewed online at any time in their most current version.

The following elements are also available in digital format:


Lemmas (plural of “lemma”, also known as “keyword”) constitute the basic form of a word and are synonymous with an entry in the dictionary. An entry in the dictionary is thus named ‘lemma’ and represents a word unchanged and without inflections.


Inflecting (verb form of inflection) a lemma involves “declining” the basic form. For example, the lemma “test” can be inflected, producing the inflected form “tests”. Depending on the language, there are widely varied forms of inflections.

Phonetic spelling

In many online dictionaries the phonetic spelling (also known as phonetic script) is written after the lemma and helps the dictionary user practice the correct pronunciation.

Grammar notes

For substantives, adjectives and verbs there are grammar notes in shortened form.

For example, the gender of substantives and adjectives (M, F, N or m, f, n) is written after a word or if they do not vary in the plural form . Verbs are identified by the grammatical notes as auxiliary verbs or as irregular composite verbs , for example.


Keywords such as “test” are provided with abbreviations such as “TECH” (technology), “vulg” (vulgar) or “CHEM” (chemistry), for example, to imply the context of the keyword.

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Print dictionaries (e.g. Spanish can be found here: https://www.langenscheidt.de/Spanisch/Reise/Woerterbuch) are still popular and enrich many libraries across the world. They are practical, as the desired word can be searched for even without an Internet connection. This is invaluable when travelling in regions where there is no quick Internet access, for example.

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