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"Bella Italia", "amore" or "attenzione": Almost everyone knows a few Italian words. Italy is worth a visit not just because of the famous Italian cuisine. Moreover, Italian is the official language not only in Italy but also in the Italian part of Switzerland, the Vatican and San Marino. The Romance languages, which include Italian, are spoken all over the world. For anyone that speaks Italian, it is easy to recognise the linguistic relationship with other Romance languages, which gives them a major advantage when learning another such language. With knowledge of Italian, it is much easier and quicker to master a world language such as Spanish, which is becoming increasingly important in the global context.

Visit this website for the correct translation Italian or German words. The new online Italian-German dictionary can be used to translate words and phrases quickly in both language directions. Use the drop-down menu to search not only the Italian-German dictionary, but all online dictionaries.

Italian for success

The importance of learning a foreign language is indisputable. Comprehensive language skills are very important in a globalised world and pave the way for professional success. Learning English as a second language has long become a top priority. Ideally, this should be complemented by another language such as Italian.

Learning languages the quick and easy way

The online Italian-German dictionary includes relevant vocabulary from the areas of business, communication, politics and everyday life. The dictionary includes both old and new spellings. In order to assist in finding the right word, the online dictionary contains examples of use, typical word combinations, word sense disambiguation for words with multiple meanings, as well as grammar and style information. As a result, learning a language becomes easy and the correct translation is just one click away.

Reliable dictionary for accurate translation and sustained learning

Whether on a desktop, mobile phone, tablet or phablet, the free online dictionary allows you to translate words in both directions. It is an excellent solution not only for professional users such as translators, interpreters and linguists, but also for students. The dictionary has been compiled and tested by the leading dictionary publisher Langenscheidt, which is a guarantee of reliability. Now nothing stands in the way of you learning a new language or improving your vocabulary.

The Italian-German online dictionary is an excellent tool for anyone that wants to learn languages quickly and efficiently. It is ideal as a quick reference source, leading directly to the searched term. In both directions, you can either enter the term or search alphabetically. To do this, select the first letter of the search term from the alphabetical list of the Italian-German dictionary. Once you find the relevant term, click on it to go directly to its translation in the Italian-German dictionary.

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For over 150 years as a language specialist, Langenscheidt has been guiding people throughout the process of learning new languages. The groundbreaking invention by the founder of the publishing house, Gustav Langenscheidt (1832-1895), laid the foundations for future success: together with his language teacher, Charles Touissant, in 1856 he developed an innovative phonetic system, the purpose of which was to make learning languages easier. Having developed the first self-study/correspondence method for learning the French language, the publishing house got off to a good start.

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As the number one publisher of dictionaries and the market leader in the field of language learning, Langenscheidt offers a wide range of premium quality language products and provides cross-media and mobile access to a world of over 35 languages tailored to individual needs. The “language learning,” “lexicography,” and “playful learning” sections focus on innovative products such as smart language courses for self-learners, which can be tailored to their specific needs, as well as dictionaries in online and offline versions.

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