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A German-Danish dictionary to dive in the Danish culture

For German native speakers, learning Danish is more than learning a foreign language. Assimilating vocabulary from a language that belongs to the same family will make you reflect upon your own language. The German Danish dictionary will show you that words like forudse follow the same pattern as German (voraussehen) and that a word like this stems from three Danish words (for-ud-se). The Danish language is regulated under the aegis of the Danish Language Committee (Dansk Sprognævn) - such an organization simplifies the grasp of Danish, it makes it a lot more tangible and helps you to differentiate made-up words from real Danish words. Given the high penetration of English words in Danish, it is also interesting to double-check what the official translation of words like computer chip or marketing are, even if these words are commonly used in Denmark.

The Langenscheidt German-Danish dictionary has so many features

This is the revised online version of the Danish dictionary including the basic 225,000 keywords, phrases and translations. It includes both general language and terminology from all major fields. Since idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms make a language alive, they are taken into account in this dictionary. Detailed grammatical information and references to subjects and stylistic levels it easier to find the appropriate translation.

How does the German-Danish dictionary work?

Today, learning a language means adapting to the life circumstances of people as they become increasingly complex. Irrespective of whether learners study languages for personal or professional reasons, they need tailored, flexible and mobile solutions. Langenscheidt meets this demand by offering a number of language learning apps for every occasion and platform - vocabulary, grammar trainers or interactive language courses when on-the-go. The focus is on ever smarter language courses for self-learners that can be tailored to their specific needs. Users have access to a comprehensive digital online dictionary at Online and offline media are offered here side by side.

Learning Danish is so much fun!

Having a German-Danish dictionary is useful for, in spite of the many similar or even identical words, Danish is still a tricky language for German speakers for this very reason. It is easy to get tangled up when two languages are too alike. There are an estimated 5,5 million Danish speakers across the world. Most of them are in Denmark, but also in the Faeroe Islands, in Greenland and some native Danish-speakers can be found in the northern most parts of Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein. Danish only has two genders, common or neutral. Unlike Romance languages, it does not consider nouns to be masculine or feminine. Although Danish is Germanic language like German, it has a lot less declensions than the latter, which is something Danish learners ought to appreciate.

About Langenscheidt

From the start, Langenscheidt has focused on technical innovation. In 1905, the publishing house brought the first gramophone records to the market, enabling customers to hear and practice correct pronunciations. Audio and video cassettes as well as distance learning language courses followed later. In 1983, Langenscheidt developed the world's first electronic dictionary "Alpha 8" - a true milestone in the history of technology. While today the electronic dictionary is more of a museum piece, Langenscheidt is continuously developing its language solutions so as to adapt to the changing requirements of its customers. Today, Langenscheidt is the number one choice dictionary publisher.

How to browse the German-Danish dictionary by letter

The alphabet below contains all words, expressions and phrases of the German-Danish dictionary. Select a letter to browse the German to Danish dictionary manually. By clicking on the searched word you will see all Danish translations and relevant Danish synonyms in the dictionary results page.


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