Persian-German Dictionary

Persian-German in the online full version

Due to the high level of demand for a Persian-German dictionary, we have until recently provided a BETA version with restricted search options on this site. In the meantime, we have fully digitised the dictionary and are pleased to offer it here as a complete online dictionary in both language directions.

Persian - a challenge of a particular kind

Just as learning Persian is a challenge for any learner, it also goes without saying that German poses completely new challenges for native speakers of Persian. After all, they too have to get used to reading and writing in the opposite direction. This dictionary comes to the rescue and, with many entries from both languages and the associated translations, offers quick assistance in comprehension. Not only that, but it also facilitates the learning of the foreign language.

Persian and Arabic

Although they are linguistically unrelated, both Persian and Arabic use the Arabic alphabet: Since the Islamisation of Persia, the Arabic alphabet has been used for the Persian language. It has, however, been extended by four letters. Moreover, some Arabic words have made their way into the Persian language.

The Langenscheidt Persian-German dictionary

This dictionary offers roughly 25,000 keywords and phrases from everyday Persian and German. For German users, the details of correct pronunciation are particularly useful: Both the Persian keywords and their translations in the German-Persian section come with their Latin transliteration. In this way, users who don’t know the Persian script can also use this dictionary. The most idiomatic and colloquial expressions from both languages have also been included. Notes on subject areas and stylistic levels make it easier to locate the appropriate translation.

Check your online dictionary at your desk, in the office or on the go

Wherever you use it - on your desktop or on your smartphone or tablet when you’re out and about - with the free online dictionary the desired expression can be translated in both directions. It is ideally suited to professionals, such as translators, interpreters and language experts, and to school pupils and students alike. The vocabulary has been compiled and tested by the number one publisher of dictionaries - Langenscheidt - and is therefore absolutely reliable. So there are no longer any hindrances to the acquisition of language and the expansion of your vocabulary.

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