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French - not just the language of love

Are you struggling to find the right word in French? We have the solution for you! With the comprehensive online German-French dictionary from Langenscheidt, you can look up the correct translation of terms, whole phrases and example sentences in both language directions in no time. For other languages, Langenscheidt offers free online dictionaries. To do this, you can simply use the drop-down menu.

Are you heading to the Côte d'Azur for your next holiday? Do you want to be able to read and understand the French edition of VOGUE? How do you say in French "We are happy to confirm your order"? French is spoken by 220 million speakers across all five continents and in over 50 countries worldwide. Next to German and English, French is the most important official and working language of the European Union. France is also a popular travel destination for the Germans. After all, where else could it be more special to pop the question than under the Eiffel Tower? The German-French online dictionary from Langenscheidt is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to learn French, expand their vocabulary or just look up a term from time to time.

Online tool for learning French or helping with the translation of individual terms and phrases

The German-French online dictionary from Langenscheidt is fast and user-friendly: Users can enter the searched term in full or only its first letter, then click on the searched term on the list that opens to generate a translation. Where a term has multiple meanings, disambiguation with examples of use in the respective context is provided. Notes on grammar and style complement the search tool. The pronunciation of French words is displayed in square brackets using the phonetic notation devised by the International Phonetic Association. A reference tool is thus used to learn a language.

The online German-French dictionary includes around 130,000 relevant terms from the areas of business, communication, politics and everyday life. The spelling of German terms is based on the current DUDEN recommendations. The spelling of French terms follows the rules of the Académie française.

Look up terms on the computer at home, in the office and on-the-go

Whether you are working or studying, the most convenient way to look up foreign language terms on your computer is to use the online dictionary from Langenscheidt. Language enthusiasts can use the Langenscheidt online dictionary to find the foreign language term quickly and reliably on their smartphone when on holiday or on-the-go. This is because the dictionary provided on these platforms has been put together and tested by the leading dictionary publisher Langenscheidt, which is a guarantee of reliability.

Learning foreign languages has never been as important as it is today

In a globalised world, the command of foreign languages, and in particular, English, French and Spanish, is more important today than it has ever been. However, French can easily get a bit rusty if users do not use the language frequently, or if it has been a while since they finished their studies. For those, the Langenscheidt online dictionary has arrived in the nick of time. The online dictionary makes it easy to give French language skills a professional overhaul or to look up any missing term quickly and effectively.

Langenscheidt is a media company with a long tradition and a broad range of product in the field of languages. In addition to the traditional printed dictionaries, Langenscheidt also offers various high-quality digital language products and services at the highest level.

Langenscheidt - always one step ahead

From the start, Langenscheidt has focused on technical innovation. In 1905, the publishing house brought the first gramophone records to the market, enabling customers to hear and practice correct pronunciations. Audio and video cassettes as well as distance learning language courses followed later. In 1983, Langenscheidt developed the world's first electronic dictionary "Alpha 8" - a true milestone in the history of technology. While today the electronic dictionary is more of a museum piece, Langenscheidt is continuously developing its language solutions so as to adapt to the changing requirements of its customers. Today, Langenscheidt is the number one choice dictionary publisher.

About Langenscheidt

Langenscheidt is one of the most internationally renowned and leading publishers in the fields of Languages and Reference. Founded in 1856, the yellow brand stands for exceptional quality and expertise in the field of language learning.

Search the German-French dictionary by letter

With the letters below you can search the German to French dictionary manually. Select a letter from below to see all the German words in the German-French dictionary beginning with a certain letter. You can then browse the list of words and view all French translations as well as French synonyms by clicking on a German word.


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