German-Czech dictionary

How about learning Czech?

For some reason, Czech is an underrated language. There are many reasons to learn Czech with our German-Czech dictionary. The Czech Republic is one of the countries with the most prosperous economy from the former USSR nations and a strategic partner with many of its European neighbors and even worldwide. Furthermore, visiting Prague and its surroundings will enlightened you with the many splendid treasures it has to offer. Prague beats many historical records: Did you know that one of the oldest universities is in Prague, founded in the 14th century? The biggest castle in the world is also in the Czech Republic. There are over 70,000 square meters to visit and it overlooks the city of Prague with majesty.

A Langenscheidt German-Czech dictionary is all you need

The current state of the Czech dictionary has about 200,000 words, phrases and translations and has set a target to remain as up-to-date as possible.The focus of the dictionary content is on the commonly used Czech and German vocabulary of today. Important technical domains such as information technology, politics and society, culture, medicine and sports are also included in this work.To help the users to find the proper translation, the keywords are displayed in a linguistic context. Additionally, a large amount of information is provided to give the user the right of language level. This leads the user through the virtual pages of the dictionary without getting lost in the wrong sections.

Check your Czech dictionary!

The German-Czech dictionary has been compiled by Langenscheidt language experts and bilingual German-Czech linguists to offer you a publication of optimized quality. A Czech translation can be checked wherever you are: The German-Czech dictionary is fully compatible with smart phones and can be browsed regardless of which browser you use. You can equally use the Czech dictionary on a tablet. Like any website, the Langenscheidt German-Czech works on a computer connected to the Internet.

About Langenscheidt:

As the number one publisher of dictionaries and the market leader in the field of language learning, Langenscheidt offers a wide range of premium quality language products and provides cross-media and mobile access to a world of over 35 languages tailored to personal needs. The “language learning,” “lexicography,” and “playful learning” sections zoom in on innovative products such as intuitive language courses for self-learners, which can be adjusted to what they exactly need, as well as dictionaries in online or offline versions.

Czech is a language of many surprises

In spite of it geographical proximity to Germany, Czech is a Slavic language that shares very little with German. As such, it will take a Czech learner a very different approach to assimilate Czech grammar and Czech syntax. Among the particularities of the Czech language, we can notice the fact that you can write a word without using any vowels like čtvrtsmršť. Knowing another Slavic language such as Polish, Slovak or even Russian will give you a tremendous advantage to approach the Czech language. You will notice countless similarities between them.

Browsing the German-Czech dictionary by letter

Navigate and browse the German-Czech dictionary manually using the letters below. You can see all matching Czech translations, synonyms and phrases in the German-Czech dictionary simply by clicking a German word from the list.


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If other users are also interested in this feature, the personalised vocabulary list could soon be available.