Greek-German dictionary

The Greek-German dictionary is soon to become your best friend

The Greek-German dictionary is an ideal tool for whoever wants to learn German. You can double-check any Greek noun, verb, adjective or adverb you do not understand with this fantastic linguistic tool. You need to learn the Greek alphabet of course but once this is done, you will realize that many Words are very similar to the German language. Many Greek words have spawned words that are common in German nowadays. βίος (bio) means life and we find this in biology or antibiotic. ὁμός (homo) means same, as in homonym or homograph. μικρός (micro) means small, as in microphone or microscope.

The Langenscheidt Greek-German dictionary comes in handy for many reasons

The German-Greek dictionary offers around 275,000 keywords, phrases and translations. They cover the current commonly used Greek and German vocabulary and all major subject areas. Since idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms make a language alive, it is vital for them to be included in the dictionary. In addition, Austrian and Swiss expressions are adequately represented.

The Greek-German dictionary is on your computer screen, in your pocket and on your tablet

Today, learning a language means adapting to the life circumstances of people as they become increasingly complex. Irrespective of whether learners study languages for personal or professional reasons, they need tailored, flexible and mobile solutions. Langenscheidt meets this demand by offering a number of language learning apps for every occasion and platform - vocabulary, grammar trainers or interactive language courses when on-the-go. The focus is on ever smarter language courses for self-learners that can be tailored to their specific needs. Users have access to a comprehensive digital online dictionary at Online and offline media are offered here side by side.

Langenscheidt, what is it?

From the start, Langenscheidt has focused on technical innovation. In 1905, the publishing house brought the first gramophone records to the market, enabling customers to hear and practice correct pronunciations. Audio and video cassettes as well as distance learning language courses followed later. In 1983, Langenscheidt developed the world's first electronic dictionary "Alpha 8" - a true milestone in the history of technology. While today the electronic dictionary is more of a museum piece, Langenscheidt is continuously developing its language solutions so as to adapt to the changing requirements of its customers. Today, Langenscheidt is the number one choice dictionary publisher.

The German mythology is just as rich as the Greek one!

Granted, Greek mythology is one of the most famous ones in this world. Yet German mythology (also called Germanic) is also full of quaint and entertaining stories. The Rhine siren Lorelei is a famous figure and inspired many poets and writers. Lutzelfrau, Berchta or Walpurgisnacht are also major pillar of the German folklore. One of the most famous German tales is The Pied Piper of Hamelin, a story set in Lower Saxony in a town infested by rats. The piper's revenge is not be revealed here, we will let you purchase the German tale to find out how it all ends.

Browsing the Greek-German dictionary by letter

If you’re looking for a Greek word but can’t quite remember its spelling, simply click on a letter below and browse all the words starting with that letter. They are organized in alphabetical order, just like in a paper dictionary. Once you have found the word you were looking for, click on it to access its translation in the Greek-German dictionary.

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